Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | October 20, 2012

Sailing school…

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to take the boat out to shell key for the day and enjoy the sand, sun, and waves but my hubby put me off saying we had projects to attend to. Well that didn’t go over to well with me so of course I started protesting saying we needed a day off for fun. When I finally got to the bottom of it all it was that he didn’t want to take the boat out until we had taken formal sailing lessons. So, with that I decided that was what we were gonna do for our anniversary. I started combing the internet for local sailing schools to check schedules and cost. I found a school that sounded promising and was cost effective to boot. Smarter Sail is a school here in St. Petersburg that operates out of the Magnuson Hotel and marina. They stated on their website that they could provide one on one instruction on our schedule and at half the cost of most other schools.  I called and left a voice mail for the instructor and was surprised when I got a prompt return call. He asked what our goals and past experience and what kind of boat we had if any. I gave him a brief history of our sailing experience (which consists of a hobie cat and a 20ft weekender) and that we were liveaboards on our 32ft Oday. He then asked if we wanted to do our lessons on our boat, and I told him that would be great. The deal got even sweeter when he gave us a nice discount for using our boat!  He was able to accommodate our dates of October 15-18. So I bit the bullet and signed us up and paid the man.  His nice secretary even brought our books out to our marina.
The studying began, as were told that Monday we would take the ASA 101 exam. Lots of reading, chapter reviews, and a pretest, we were ready! Monday came and we went to the hotel for a review session and the the exam.  The exam went well and we both passed with flying colors so on to lunch then a session on the boat. Darryl got his session of being the skipper that day and I played crew.  What a great time we had out there and wow did we learn a lot. We bothe were exhausted the next day and our muscles let us know we had a workout!!  The following day was spent out on the boat again with me playing skipper and Darryl crew that morning.
We found a restaurant with a dock and had lunch then back out for another session. We finished up a little early to study for the 103 exam. Do you know how hard it is to study when you’re exhausted? The next day brought another review session and then the exam. That one was more challenging but we both passed!  That afternoon we finished with one last boat session and we were done!  We are now ASA certified sailors. No more excuses about taking the boat out and we get to test out our new found skills…


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