Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | January 12, 2013

Going for spin

Since we finally have the electrolysis worked out and don’t have to worry that our shaft and prop are gonna fall off, we were able to take Spellbound out for a spin around Boca Cieaga bay. What a beautiful day it was! There wasn’t a lot of wind but enough to throw the sails up and have a nice peaceful sail. The bay was calm and we were not the only sailors out to enjoy the weather. We got to practice our skills and I have found the I like being the skipper best. “Of course you do!” My hubby exclaims, he also said something about not wanting to work too hard… I just think of the old adage work smarter, not harder! In reality I did my fair share of line pulling so he can’t say much. The dogs loved being out on the water as well. Zoey was really interested as this was her first sailing outing. I thought she may be scared but those fears were unfounded. Chops he was laying in the cockpit just relaxing as usual, he was with us when we took our ASA classes so he told Zoey that he wasn’t scared cause he is a ASA certified sea dog! I don’t think Zoey was impressed.

The part of sailing that is most nerve racking for me is leaving the dock and returning to the dock, I think most people would agree with that. On this trip however, we did it like we had been doing it for years! It went so well I was almost bored! Gary, our sailing instructor, said you know you are docking right if you are bored, so I guess we did it right. Overall today’s trip has boosted my confidence level immensely and hopefully it just gets better from here!

Gotta get moving as we are gonna get out on the water and enjoy another beautiful day in paradise, I love it!







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