Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | January 13, 2013

Rough start…

Yesterday’s adventure started a little rough. It started with leaving the dock, Darryl was at the helm and as we were backing out of our slip he came too close to the piling with our ropes hanging off and you guessed it, the rope gets caught in the prop. Granted the wind was against us and not helping at all. So into the water the hubby went to free up the prop. The water was freezing! He put on his scuba mask and took his dive knife and cut away the rope. After he fixed that a hot shower was in order to warm up! The fun was not over yet though, when we actually did get backed out the wind pushed us the opposite direction and we headed deeper into the marina. At this point I am in panic mode on the bow of boat not sure what to do and how to help. Darryl is trying calm me and get us turned around at the same time. I’m sure if you were sitting on the shore watching us it was very comical but to me it was a nightmare! As we were trying to turn we accidentally bumped one of neighbors boats, not enough to damage it but it was still a bump. Finally we got the boat turned around and we were off. WHEW! It took a few minutes to calm down but then it was all smooth sailing, lol.

Once we were out on the bay it was wonderful, there were lots of beautiful sailboats on the water with us.



One of the boats we encountered was our friends and boat neighbors Laura & Hans on the Knotty Cat.

It was nice to be able to take some pictures of them sailing so I can send them to her. It is hard to get pictures of your own boat sailing!

I think the dogs enjoy sailing as much as we do, Zoey is always interested in what is going on.

But after a full day on the water they are all tuckered out!


It will be a few days before we get back out on the water, we are going to put my propane stove in the galley this week and we have to work, yuck! Work is a four letter word, lol. I’m sure it will be interesting putting in the stove but a necessity as Thomas Fleming Day said “bad cooking is responsible for more trouble at sea than all other things put together”.


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