Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | January 20, 2013

It’s almost time to start baking!

I love to bake. Obviously, I haven’t been doing much of it since moving on to the boat. Mostly because I only have a toaster oven and it tends to burn things, like the biscuits I made for my strawberry shortcake the other day (We ate them anyway, lol). I have mentioned before the stove installation and now it is coming to fruition, Yay!! It has been a multi-stage process, and hubby says not as difficult as he thought it would be. First stage: run the propane hose and electrical wire for the solenoid and shut off switch, check.


Must not be too bad of a job since he is smiling and there is no cussing involved!
Second stage: remove the current shelves, clear the area for the new stove, and hang the gimbals.


Stage three: insert new stove and hook up hose.


And the last stage is to turn on the propane and light the pilot. Sounds easy right? Well, if it were a new stove it might be but, this is a used stove that has been sitting in a salvage yard amongst all the dirt and dust. Of course it wouldn’t light, so to the Internet we went. We found a good website for troubleshooting Seaward stove problems This company is also a good place to get parts for older Seaward stoves. You can find them here: Sure Marine. Another website that has stove parts and lots more is Defender Marine Outfitter.
So after disassembling the pilot light assembly and cleaning out the dirt twice, we were able to get the pilot light lit on the oven. The stove top light fairly easily after the air bled out of the lines. Now we were cooking with gas! Literally, lol. That evening I baked some chicken in the oven and found that the oven temperature was not staying constant and did not seem to stay hot enough so it took a long time to bake the chicken, the stove top worked like a champ though. So back to the Internet I went looking for a solution to the oven temp problem. After some research I may have the solution, placing a pizza stone in the bottom of the oven may help to even out the temp and also we checked the oven sensor and wire and moved it away for the oven burner. You can buy pizza stones here: pizza stones they will even custom cut one for you. Or you can also use unglazed clay tiles, if they have glaze on them they will crack due to the heat. So I will be getting a stone or tiles today to put in the oven and also an oven thermometer to help me regulate the heat.
I also found a pre made wooden cutting board for the top of the stove that fits as close as you can get without having to make one at IKEA. You can find that here: wood cutting board
It is just about 1.5″ short of covering the whole stove top. It will provide more prep area, which is at a premium in a small galley!


Overall I am thrilled to have a real stove and oven and look forward to baking some goodies soon!


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