Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | February 3, 2013

New storage area, can we say YAY!

Our boat is a center cockpit and is split into to two areas, forward is the main section with the galley, main salon, head and the v-berth and aft is a larger berth with a head or as the original ODAY flyer called it “The Master’s Stateroom”.

Since we have a nice roomy berth, we don’t use the v-berth for sleeping and if we decide to have a couple of guests join us overnight they can sleep on the settees in the main salon, I know not the most comfortable but hey you are on a boat out looking of adventure! Back to the point, not using the vberth opens that space up for storage and lots of it both below in the locker and on top where the mattresses were.
Since boat spaces are not like traditional rooms, ie. square, it is a challenge to find storage bins that work. No one place had bins that would work. So I put a couple different styles in place to try to see how they will fit and if they are effective and user friendly because face it, if it isn’t easy to use and get to what is the point!
We made a trip to IKEA because they are usually the best place to find solutions for small spaces. What I was looking for was something to store can goods, extra dishes, craft supplies, and all the extras that don’t fit anywhere else. What I found at IKEA where these two storage racks:


The only thing shown in the pictures that I did not purchase was the tops on both of the racks, not enough room to use them effectively and loose items sitting on a shelf is just not a good idea.
We also bought a laundry hamper there which really is heavy duty and collapsible.

So far this is what is looked like:

With those two in place I still had room for another bin so I took my measurements and off to Walmart I went. I found a 3 drawer system made by Sterilite that fit perfectly. Of course I didn’t use the casters that came with it, another bad idea.

Hubby will be securing all of these bins so that nothing moves while underway, a most important job!
Once all of that was in place I started putting things away and reorganizing. What a great feeling to have a place to put all the extras. Eventually we will be putting a refrigerator back there and turning the top loading box in the galley into a freezer, but for now we just put our cooler there. This is what it looks like finished.



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