Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | February 12, 2013

Calamity Gina is back!

I have never mentioned this before but my other name is “calamity Gina”. I am accident prone to say the least and usually it affects a vacation. Well, she decided to show up on the eve of our departure for our first cruising trip on the boat. I was trying to board the boat and as I stepped on my ankle rolled on the toe rail, put me off balance and I fell backwards. I fell between the boat and the dock and on the way down hit the left side of my rib cage on the hull of the boat and into the drink I went! Oh, and to top it all off, I had my iPhone in my pants pocket so of course it is history as well. Luckily hubby was home and there to help rescue me, yet again. Not sure what I would do without him! Went I popped up out of the water I was in terrible pain and scared (don’t like being in the water at night) so Darryl, mr. Calm, came out to fish me out. Since our marina does not have ladders anywhere on the sea wall he first attempted to pull me out. That did work because I was wet and slippery and it hurt too much. So he told me (who was still panicky and having trouble breathing cause it hurt) to swim around to the back of the boat where the swim ladder is. So I did as he instructed and hauled myself out of the water, which was no easy task, I was hurting, short of breath, and soaking wet. Finally out of the water, we went directly to a hot shower to warm up. The pain in my ribs coupled with my shortness of breath Darryl decided a trip to the ER was necessary to make sure I hadn’t punctured a lung or ruptured my spleen, so off we went. Now this is the second trip to there ER in 8 days. I didn’t tell you about the bungee cord accident, more about that later. Of course I felt embarrassed to be going back so soon since I work at this hospital, and wouldn’t you know I had the same nurse caring for me both times! I have to complement the staff of the ER at St. Petersburg General Hospital, they are prompt, courteous, and caring. I had a CT scan of my chest/abdomen and some pain meds, dilaudid and toradol are my friends! The test was negative for fractures, punctures, and ruptures so I was sent home with pain meds and muscle relaxers. These last two days have felt like an eternity because I can’t really do much, you never realize how your core muscles are involve with almost every movement you make! My hubby is such a great caregiver, he is soooooo appreciated.

Back to the title of this post, I am a clutz! There, I said it. Over the last 3 years I have had several mishaps from very minor to near death. They mostly involve falls, on boats, off boats, and once while at a car lot office where I proceeded to have the one and only fracture of my ankle. This happened the week before I was supposed to start my job at St. Pete General, so needless to say that postponed that for a month. The near death accident happened in St. Kitts on a scuba dive, regulator failure at 35 ft. I tried to drown but I had my hubby there to rescue me. That one caused a 4 day hospital stay in a very poor country with limited medical facilities. It made me more appreciative for the care we receive here in the states! The bungee cord incident happened when I was trying to secure the sliding drawers on the storage bins in the vberth. I was pulling the cord down and it slipped out of my hands and whacked my right eye and cheek. I thought OMG! I have just lost my eye, but luckily the majority of the blow hit my cheek bone under the eye. The reason for the ER visit was I had a shadow in upper nasal side of my vision and thought I may have a retinal hemorrhage or tear. Nothing was seen in the ER and I followed up with a great ophthalmologist Dr. Patel here in town, he didn’t find anything either. I just had to sport the black eye for several days. Usually I do not use bungee cords for this very reason (and I used to work in ophthalmology and had a patient who hooked his eye with one and lost his vision) so needless to say I won’t be using them again!

Everyone tells me that the ribs are slow to heal so I will have to find things to occupy my time that don’t involve lifting or quick movements, as it hurts too much to do these things and the meds keep me in slow motion. I am a nurse and used to caring for people, but I do not make a good patient, luckily I have a good man to take care of me and keep me in line.


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