Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | March 1, 2013

Up the mast he goes!

For hubby’s birthday he asked for a top climber to go up the mast. He said he needed it because I didn’t have the strength to help him go up the mast with our regular bosons chair, he was definitely right! One thing I am not known for is my upper body strength, lol. So we ordered it from Top Climber out of the Netherlands. This one is not to be confused with the Mast Climber. These two were related but the companies split. The Top Climber is much more reasonably priced than the Mast climber with very little difference in the two. It took about two weeks for shipping since it is an international address.

Now we had to wait for a calm day and for that calm day to coincide with one of our days off work. It took a while but today seemed to be the day! The reason he needed to go up the mast is to check out the steamer light, it is not working at the moment. So with a few tools in and the top climber up he went.




Once he was up there he took the steamer light apart and found it to be corroded, hence the probable reason is isn’t working. He was also able to get a look at the antenna wire and it doesn’t look good either, which explains why it doesn’t work very well. So guess what, there will be a day of running all new wires up the mast very soon! Did I tell you how much Hubby loves to work on the electrical? He hates it! As I sit and write this he is attempting to find where the wires converge in the boat, I anticipate some very colorful language and yelling today. But it is all in a day of a boat owners life, right?


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