Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | May 13, 2013

New toy for Mother’s Day

I am in the midst of reupholster stage 2 of the interior settees. Since I have never made cushions before, I am taking a class at our local adult school Tomlinson Adult learning center. It is very inexpensive and fun. The group that goes there are super nice and helpful. It is a busy class so you have to be patient and not be in a rush to get your project done. I have completed two of the cushions, and have the other two in the final stages of completion, which I am hoping to complete tonite. Here is what the two I have done look like:


They aren’t perfect, but they do look nice and the imperfections are mostly hidden.
Back to the original idea of the post. In doing these cushions I have learned that synthetic fabrics fray like crazy and that can make it very difficult to sew. So hubby came up with the idea of taking a lighter and searing the edges of the fabric to stop the fray. Worked like a charm but was hard on hubby’s fingers and he got a couple blistered areas in the process. Sewing was much easier and faster after the fabric was sealed.
If you live in a marina, you know that word/gossip travels fast. I have had several people approach me about doing their cushions for them. I told hubby I wouldn’t mind but we had to figure out a better way to seal synthetic fabric, so on the Internet we went. We found on the Sailrite site they have a hot knife package and a video on how to use it. So with Mother’s Day coming that is what I asked for. It came in the mail and this is what it looks like:



I just tried it on a piece of the fabric I am working with and it is awesome!!! This will significantly improve the quality of my project and shave off a lot of time. Well worth the money if you have a lot of canvas aboard as most sailors do.
I hope to get a post about the process of making a cushion on the blog this week. So excited to get it finished.



  1. This is so awesome. I cant even thread a sewing machine and we are trying to figure out a way to make cushion covers. Ours is fine, but its white microfiber and we have a three year old. It would be nice to have removable covers. right now we use towels that are constantly falling off. It’s SO annoying!

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