Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | November 10, 2013

Homeward Bound…

I am sitting here on the airplane some where over Nebraska anxious to get home and see the hubby. It has been a long 13 weeks without him(ok 12 weeks since he came out here for a week). We have never been apart and this time away from each other has been tough! We love being together and try to have fun in everything we do, even chores! But our time apart is coming to an end thank goodness.
Once I get home the mad rush begins to get the final preparations completed so we can leave as planned at the end of the month.
Hubby has a long, yet distinguished list to complete like rewiring the mast lights and installing the weather station, repairing the deck, installing the water maker, putting starboard under the toilet in the front head, and the list goes on. He thinks I will be helping him, but I have my own list to attend to. I have a storage shed to clean out, bike cover to make, food storage to organize, food shopping and prep, and I am going to attempt to make an enclosure for the cock pit. I also have to get the dogs ready to go by taking them to the vet and I have to go to the doc to get all my scripts refilled and get our emergency kit fixed up. Then there is the important things, like spending some quality time with our friends and families and trying to get out to sail to test out all our gadgets.
When I start writing it all down it looks overwhelming for the short amount of time we have. I guess this is where prioritizing and time management will come into play.
The race begins tomorrow…


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