Posted by: livingaboardspellbound | December 7, 2013

We have cast off the lines…

We have finally cast off the lines to our land life and set sail. Our original plan was to sail to key west as our shakedown cruise and then head to Roatan Honduras from there. Well a shakedown cruise is just that, let’s shake the boat and see what breaks.
On our first day we had almost no wind to start with so we motor sailed and the wind that we did get was at our nose so we had to tack. Couple that with some rough seas(in my novice opinion) and cold temperatures it made for a very unpleasant ride. And to top it all off, I wasn’t feeling well due to the rough ride aka sea sick. So that first day was not quite what I was expecting.
There were some positives that first day. We have a great crew of two young people with great sailing skills and a never ending supply of happiness and optimism. Also we had a gorgeous sunset

And the night sky was filled with so many stars it was indescribable. We must have seen at least a dozen shooting stars, it was truly beautiful.
The second day was better as far as the weather and sea conditions and we had a much more pleasant ride and because we were getting further south the temperature was not as cold. BUT…
The one thing Darryl was sure of was the motor. We have never had any trouble with it in the entire time we have owned Spellbound. With that being said, we really have never ran it for extended period of time. So like I said before, we were motor sailing and the motor was in constant use and decided that it had had enough. The starter went kaput and so did the motor sailing. We still were able to sail but we were not making much progress. We were near sanibel/ft Myers area so we decided to head in and make our repairs there.
We found a nice marina named Moss Marine. And we called for TowBoat US to tow us in. If you don’t have a towing service I highly recommend TowBoat US They are courteous and efficient and expensive unless you are a member. Our bill came out to $935 but because we are members we paid $0.
Leo, who is one of our crew, got on the phone with his dad who is a diesel mechanic and he found a starter for us so we called and ordered it. So now we wait til it comes.
Our first night at the marina we just kinda caught up on our rest. But yesterday the part came for the boat and so we got that installed with the help of Darryl, Leo and his dad. That motor starting was music to our ears! So to celebrate we went out last night to the pier/beach to watch the sunset and then on to Times Square and listened to some great music, danced, and generally had a great time.

We were up early this morning and made ready the boat, and once again cast off the lines headed for Key West.




  1. Following along with you guys. I hope you have smooth sailing. Best wishes


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